A comprehensive solution having lecture capture technology (automatic audio video recording of classroom lectures) as its core feature. The access to recorded lectures and other study material through lecture capture enables students to virtually re-live their classroom experience on anytime anywhere basis. It also assists the teacher in self-improvement.

Lecture Capture is an amalgamation of hardware and software resources which is provided as a turnkey solution to our customers. The end-user apps are available for all popular devices (laptops, tablets) and platforms (Android, iOS, Windows). It is available in both cloud as well as on-premise installation and has robust Live Streaming functionalities.

For Students
Increased Performance
  • Personalised Learning – Relive the classroom experience anytime, anywhere and at one’s own pace
  • Focus on understanding concepts rather than notes taking
  • Availability of various content (videos, notes, study material, tests etc.) at one place
  • Effective platform to ask questions anytime
For Teachers
Self Improvement
  • Effective mechanism for self-improvement
  • Better and easier course management
  • Enables innovative teaching concepts like MOOC and Flipped Classroom
For Institute
Better Brand Image
  • Enhanced student performance enhances the institute’s brand image
  • Cost-effective way to build a repository of recorded lectures
  • Analytics of the student usage and performance helps in fine-tuning the overall teaching process

The recording, audio-video quality enhancement, content security and distribution; all are carried out in a completely automated fashion without any manual intervention or change in the teaching methodology.

The recorded videos are not just raw videos; they are enabled with numerous tools, making them interactive and engaging:

  • Multi-view Recording
  • Video Bookmarks
  • Notes
  • Searchable Videos
  • Hand – Raiser
  • Editing and Objects Embedding
  • Live Streaming
Hassle-free deployment!