Custom Solutions

Educators care about their students; they want them engaged and learning while in the classroom so that they can thrive when they enter or re-enter a competitive workforce. They want to meet their students' needs, and try to exceed them. They want to take a student's interest and turn it into a passion. They want to put together a course made up of the best available material on their subject, and they want to deliver that material through a perfectly tailored, cost-efficient medium, be that a textbook, eBook, video, audio, online learning or a combination of the above.

Pearson is proud to partner with the educator to meet these goals, and our educational experts devote their careers to finding and sharing resources to do just that.

Educators choose whether they want to deliver their custom course content in print, as media, or online. This provides another level of control over the course materials. The flexibility to deliver course content in a variety of formats helps instructors teach to multiple learning styles. Effective teaching needs content that engages students and Pearson works with you to create it.

Pearson Custom Solutions works for educators. We partner with you to build course-specific materials, designed to facilitate student success. We open the door to a wealth of content and technology and walk you through the process of selecting or creating the custom resources to meet your course goals.

Together, with our array of solutions, technology, and services, and your classroom expertise, we can ensure the best possible future for all students.

  • Instructor Education
  • Online Courseware Paired with Homework & Assessment
  • Professional Development for Online Faculty
  • Test Prep
  • Online Mastery-Based Programs
  • Online Courseware
  • eBooks
  • Personalized Homework & Assessment
  • Lecture Capture
  • Digital Content Repository
  • Customized Textbooks
  • Custom Curriculum Development
  • Online Tutoring
  • Original Material Publishing
  • 24/7 Helpdesk
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Custom Technology Solutions