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Our competitive examination titles provide a wide range of resource books, manuals and exam-specific guides for students appearing for prestigious national- and state-level competitive examinations. Our fast-growing list of titles is written to prepare the aspirants of every major competitive examination, from UPSC examinations to MBA entrance tests. We also publish some hugely popular titles on the key elements of such examinations, such as general knowledge, English language, current affairs and quantitative aptitude. Our huge repertoire also includes Hindi and Bengali versions of select titles.

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New Releases

Concise General Knowledge Manual , 22/e Concise General Knowledge Manual Edgar Thorpe
Structural learning is essential for accurate and reliable knowledge acquisition. ...
CUET General Aptitude CUET General Aptitude Bhavuk Pujara
The book CUET General Test is effectively designed, wherein the chapters ...
CUET English and General Test (Combined) CUET English and General Test (Combined) North Academics
The book covers the following two components of CUET: Section IA: English ...
Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity Loyola Ignatius
Environment, ecology and biodiversity is one of the important subjects of ...
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