Digital Products & Services


Pearson Education has the most comprehensive range of educational programmes; pre-eminence in testing, assessment and enterprise software; and the very best in online consumer and professional learning for every age and every level of student. Through our products and our exceptional level of service and support for educators, we help people realize the power of education in thousands of ways. Pearson Education India can offer students many ways to learn, and at their own pace.

Pearson Education has led the industry in delivering supplementary content since our first ‘Companion Websites’ in 1996. Our 300 websites, hundreds of successful media products, and numerous successful alliances with media and distributed learning companies—these are all part of an integrated educational programme that links textbooks, supplements and websites so that each medium plays an important role in helping students to learn and instructors to teach.

Our innovative MyLabs are state-of-the-art interactive online learning tools have been slated for release in India. With a full range of assessment, homework and sophisticated grade-book functions, they can be customized to meet the needs of every instructor and student. We are already working on implementing the next step in India: the development of such teaching aids as interactive exercises, practice sessions, step-by-step explanations of difficult topics with visuals and voice-overs, and 3-D modelling of difficult processes and concepts.