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Take Off!

Take Off! Author(s):
  • Vijaya Subramaniam
  • Charu Rekha
  • Sunil Kumar
  • Author: Vijaya Subramaniam
      Level: Primary & Middle
      • C.B.S.E
      • I.C.S.E.
      • State Board

    Reading is a multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension and fluency. A strong foundation in reading and writing is vital for effective communication. Take Off! promises to be the launching pad for young learners in this direction. This series of eight books for the primary and middle schools is designed to develop comprehension and composition skills, while promoting creative and critical thinking. There is a variety of text types, followed by questions which cover all levels of reading comprehension—literal, inferential, critical and creative. The books also include sections dedicated to conversation skills that train the learners in the functional aspects of the language. The cross-cultural and cross-curricular nature of the content will motivate the learners to expand their reading horizons and, at the same time, stimulate their thinking and analytical powers. Enjoyable activities such as word games, puzzles and riddles enrich the vocabulary of young learners. This dynamic new series boasts of the following:

    • a variety of reading texts covering wide-ranging interests
    • development of higher order thinking skills (HOTS, denoted by ) through comprehension questions that aid recall and hone the learner's analytical, inferential and evaluative skills
    • acquisition of new vocabulary (denoted by ) through interesting activities such as word games, puzzles and riddles
    • an array of writing genres for the development of functional as well as creative writing skills
    • dedicated conversation practice pages, covering topics that are relevant to everyday experiences

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