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NEET Crash Course Biology

NEET Crash Course Biology

  • Pearson Education
  • Author: Pearson Education
    • ISBN:9789357050401
    • 10 Digit ISBN:935705040X
    • Price:Rs. 470.00
    • Pages:640
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    NEET Crash Course is a series of three books— Physics, Chemistry and Biology, which guides

    Table of Content

    BOTANY 1.The Living World and Biological classification 2. Plant Kingdom 3.Morphology of flowering plants 4.Anatomy of flowering plants 5. Cell : the unit of life. 6.Cell Cycle and Cell Division. 7.Transport in Plants and Mineral Nutrition 8.Photosynthesis in higher plants Unit Test 1 Botany 9.Respiration in plants. 10.Plant Growth and Development. 11.Reproduction in organisms and sexual reproduction in flowering plants 12.Principles of Inheritance and variation 13.Molecular basis of inheritance 14.Strategies for enhancement in Food 15.Production and microbes in human welfare 16.Organisms and populations; Ecosystem 17.Biodiversity and conservation; 18.Environmental issues Unit Test 2 Botany ZOOLOGY 19.Animal Kingdom 20.Structural organization in animals 21.Biomolecules 22.Digestion and Absorption 23.Breathing and exchange of gases 24.Body fluid and circulation. 25.Excretory Products and Their Elimination Unit Test 3 Zoology Locomotion and movement. Neural control and coordination Chemical coordination and Integration Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health Evolution Human health and disease. Biotechnology: Principles and processes and Biotechnology and its applications Unit Test 4 Zoology Mock Test

    Salient Features

    1.Structured as per Class XI and XII CBSE and NEET syllabi

    2.Comprehensive summary with detailed pedagogy

    3.Chapterwise questions in line with NEET pattern

    4.Unit tests designed structurally to check the progress

    5.Accompanied by Hints and Explanations of all the questions

    6. Includes Matrix Match and Statement based questions as per latest pattern

    7.Includes Mock Test at the book end