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General Studies Paper 2 CSAT

General Studies Paper 2 CSAT

  • Edgar Thorpe
  • Showick Thorpe
  • Author: Edgar Thorpe
    • ISBN:9789356064171
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9356064172
    • Price:Rs. 550.00
    • Pages:536
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    "This edition of General Studies has been formulated for the students appearing for Paper II of Civil Services examination. Designed to be comprehensive, lucid and practice-oriented, this edition is in-sync with the latest examination pattern for CSAT. This book comes with revised Chapters and provides tips and techniques for swift revision. Illustrative examples, extensive exercises and previous years' papers are offered along with fully-solved solutions and their detailed analysis for consolidated practice. This volume has been designed as a complete reference for the users with many associate topics intertwined with the learning methodology of the book. This is the result of in-depth research scientific and logical planning and it assures your key to success. A rapid hands-on approach in the chapter on Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making and Problem Solving."

    Table of Content

    "Unit I: Reading Comprehension Chapter 1: Practice Bank: RC Passages based on Social Studies and Humanities Chapter 2: Practice Bank: RC Passages based on Socio- Economic and Political Science Unit 2: Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, and Decision Making Chapter 3: Interpersonal Skills and Communication Skills Chapter 4: Decision Making and Problem Solving Chapter 5: Decision Making in Disaster Management (DM) Unit 3: Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability Chapter 6: Logical Reasoning Chapter 7: Analytical Ability Unit 4: General Mental Ability Chapter 8: Verbal ability Chapter 9: Non- Verbal ability Unit 5: Basic Numeracy Chapter 10: Numbers and their relations Chapter 11: Basic Arithmetic Chapter 12: Algebric Expressions and Geometric Methods Unit 6: Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency Chapter 13: Data Interpretation Chapter 14: Data Sufficiency"

    Salient Features

    "• All major subject areas of the paper are represented in separate sections and further structured into topical parts or chapters. This helps students to acquire conceptual clarity and a firm grip on the topic in a step-by-step manner. • The text is presented in a scientific manner to help the user retain information longer. Each topic begins with a brief introduction and gives an overview of the subject. Then it introduces various concepts with appropriate illustrations and solved examples. • Contains numerous practice exercises containing multiple choice questions (MCQs) related to the concepts discussed in the chapter. Replicas of the original UPSC questions serve the purpose of providing a near original feel of the question pattern. • Solutions along with brief, lucid explanations have been provided for the questions. • Extended coverage is provided in the reading comprehension section because the overall coverage of this domain in the test is very high. It has been our conscious endeavor to upgrade this section and provide as much practice material to the user as possible. • Includes solved Prelims June 2022 with detailed hints and explanations."