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New Media and Online Journalism: Handbook for Media Studies

New Media and Online Journalism: Handbook for Media Studies

  • Abhay Chawla
  • Author: Abhay Chawla
    • ISBN:9789354491160
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9354491162
    • Price:Rs. 590.00
    • Pages:368
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    This is a first of its kind handbook for students of journalism and mass communication, creatively introducing the principles of new media and related contemporary issues in the ever-changing Indian and global media landscape. The reader is led through a panoply of examples and contemporary case studies to bring the subject alive. In the modern world, new media is providing a novel way forward for individuals, organizations and countries. It is, therefore, paramount for any contemporary student of mass communication to engage with the practices and possibilities of new media. Written as per the curriculum of leading Indian universities, this book serves as a useful guide for anyone who wants to know more about new media and online journalism.

    Table of Content

    "Preface About the Author Chapter 1 Introduction to New Media Chapter 2 Understanding New Media Chapter 3 Writing, Editing and Researching for the Web Chapter 4 Website Planning and Design Chapter 5 Website Planning and Hosting Chapter 6 The Rise of Social Media Chapter 7 Challenges with New Media Glossary Further Readings Index "

    Salient Features

    "The text helps answer the following questions: ? What is new media? How does it differ from traditional media? ? How does the speed versus accuracy debate play out in the age of new media journalism? ? How do journalistic ethics apply in new media? ? How does the notion of privacy come into sharp focus? ? How the pandemic of 2020 highlighted the relevance of new media? "