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Android Application Development in 24 Hours

Android Application Development in 24 Hours

  • Carmen Delessio
  • Lauren Darcey
  • Author: Carmen Delessio
    • ISBN:9789332570474
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332570477
    • Price:Rs. 679.00
    • Pages:424
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, students will learn how to build powerful apps for Android - the world's most popular mobile platform. The 4th edition kicks off  by introducing the core components of the Android Framework - Activities, Intents, and Service. Using Android Studio, the new Android development environment, students will build complete Android 5.0 apps from the ground up, mastering the skills to design, develop, test, and publish meaningful apps.


    Table of Content

    "Part I: Android Fundamentals
    HOUR 1: Introducing Android
    HOUR 2: Understanding Intents 
    HOUR 3: Understanding Resources 
    HOUR 4: Activities and Fragments  
    HOUR 5: Responsive Apps: Running in the Background
    Part II: Creating the User Interface  
    HOUR 6: Using Basic UI Controls  
    HOUR 7: Using Layouts   
    HOUR 8: ListViews and Adapters   
    HOUR 9: Material Design   
    HOUR 10: More Views and Controls  
    HOUR 11: ImageViews and Bitmaps   
    HOUR 12: Using VideoViews and Media 
    HOUR 13: Adding Navigation   
    Part III: Working with Data   
    HOUR 14: Using the File System   
    HOUR 15: Using SharedPreferences   
    HOUR 16: Using SQLite and File Storage 
    HOUR 17: Accessing the Cloud: Working with a Remote API
    HOUR 18: Introducing Content Providers 
    HOUR 19: Creating a Content Provider.  
    HOUR 20: Loaders and CursorAdapters.   
    Part IV: Next Steps   
    HOUR 21: Using Notifications   
    HOUR 22: Android TV and Wear Apps
    HOUR 23: More Features to Explore
    HOUR 24: Publishing Your Apps "

    Salient Features

    "The hands-on introduction to Android programming, fully updated for major platform changes, including the newest Android SDK
    Students write their first app on ""Day 1,"" then master each new concept through carefully-explained code
    Covers everything from user interfaces to location-based services, social networking, polishing applications, and publishing via Android Market"