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Training in Interpersonal Skills: TIPS for Managing People at Work, 6/e

Training in Interpersonal Skills:  TIPS for Managing People at Work,  6/e

  • Stephen P. Robbins
  • Author: Stephen P. Robbins
    • ISBN:9789332549845
    • 10 Digit ISBN:9332549842
    • Price:Rs. 820.00
    • Pages:384
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    By developing and practicing the material in Training in Interpersonal Skills, students can learn how to build productive relationships for any situation. This text also helps students master the skills necessary for personal and organizational effectiveness such as self-management, communication, teaming, and problem solving.

    The sixth edition includes several new pedagogical tools-such as self-assessment quizzes, exercises, cases, etc.-and information on the importance and usage of social networking.


    Table of Content

    Part I: Self-Awareness   
    Chapter 1. Skills: An Introduction    
    Chapter 2. Self-Awareness: A Point of Departure 
    Chapter 3. Self-Management: Clarifying Values, Setting Goals, and Planning   
    Chapter 4. Applying Emotional Intelligence    
    Part II: Communicating   
    Chapter 5. Sending Interpersonal Messages
    Chapter 6. Listening and Reading Nonverbal Messages   
    Chapter 7. Providing Feedback   
    Chapter 8. Communicating Across Cultures   
    Part III: Motivating
    Chapter 9. Goal Setting   
    Chapter 10. Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring   
    Chapter 11. Empowering People Through Delegation   
    Part IV: Leading
    Chapter 12. Politicking 
    Chapter 13. Applying Leadership Style   
    Chapter 14. Managing Change   
    Part V: Teaming
    Chapter 15. Facilitating Teamwork
    Chapter 16. Valuing Diversity   
    Part VI: Problem Solving   
    Chapter 17. Ethical Decision Making   
    Chapter 18. Creative Problem Solving   
    Chapter 19. Resolving Conflicts

    Chapter 20. Persuading 
    Chapter 21. Negotiating 

    Salient Features

    • Get students engaged in the material: Pedagogical Tools. Role-plays, cases, self-assessments, and exercises have been added to this edition. Specific examples of the tools found in this edition include:

    • New! Self-Assessment Questionnaires. By taking these questionnaires students will discover if they have:
    o Locus of control
    o Type A personality
    o Passive/assertive/aggressive behavior
    • New! Managers Application Tips boxes have been added to describe the results from each of the self-assessment questions.
    • The Behavior Skills Learning Model. Each chapter in Training in Interpersonal Skills is organized around the social learning model, which has been proven to be a successful pedagogical aid.
    • NEW! Provide the latest information: New Topics. The importance and usage of social networking, impression management, persuasion tactics of social proof, and ingratiation, group process loss, and facilitating stages of team development have been added to this edition.