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Business Ethics

Business Ethics

  • Richard T. DeGeorge
  • Author: Richard T. DeGeorge
    • ISBN:9789332536524
    • 10 Digit ISBN:933253652X
    • Price:Rs. 825.00
    • Pages:552
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    This systematic, integrated investigation of the field of business ethics is presented from an informed philosophical point of view. It argues that ethics is the glue as well as the oil that makes business possible, addressing the full gamut of issues: from such macro considerations as the moral justification of economic systems to such micro issues as proper computer use by employees.

    Table of Content

    Chapter 1: Ethics and Business
    Chapter 2: Conventional Morality and Ethical
    Chapter 3: Utility and Utilitarianism
    Chapter 4: Moral Duty, Rights, and Justice
    Chapter 5: Virtue Ethics and Moral Reasoning
    Chapter 6: Moral Responsibility: Individual and Corporate
    Chapter 7: Justice and Economic Systems 114
    Chapter 8: American Capitalism: Moral or Immoral? 134
    Chapter 9: The International Business System, Globalization, and
    Chapter 10: Corporations, Morality, and Corporate Social Responsibility 185
    Chapter 11: Corporate Governance, Disclosure, and Executive
    Chapter 12: Finance, Accounting, and Investing 239
    Chapter 13: Safety, Risk, and Environmental Protection 270
    Chapter 14: Whistle-Blowing 298
    Chapter 15: Marketing, Truth, and Advertising 319
    Chapter 16: Workers' Rights: Employment, Discrimination, and Affirmative Action 348
    Chapter 17: Workers' Rights and Duties Within a Firm
    Chapter 18: Workers' Rights and International Business
    Chapter 19: The Information Age: Property and New Technologies
    Chapter 20: Information, Computers, the Internet, and Business
    Chapter 21: The New Moral Imperative for Business
    Chapter 22: Global Issues and International Obligations

    Salient Features

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    •Comprehensive, systematic coverage—Provides a wide range of issues in all areas of business, including marketing, finance, management, strategic planning, computer systems, and more. ?Provides students with the tools they'll need to approach moral issues intelligently.
    ?Provides instructors with a flexible text, as they can emphasize the topics they choose.

    •Moral reasoning in business, moral issues within the corporation, and ethics and international issues. ?Enables students to apply the standard ethical approaches in analyzing issues, problems, and cases.

    •Case studies—Open each chapter; these look at the ethical problems involved in an actual business situation. ?Gives students a real-life perspective.

    •A global perspective. ?Enables students to learn much from ethical practices in industrialized nations.

    •Solid pedagogy—Includes examples and study questions at the end of each chapter. ?Enhances students' learning experience.