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India Land of a Billion Entrepreneurs

India Land of a Billion Entrepreneurs

  • Upendra Kachru
  • Author: Upendra Kachru
    • ISBN:9788131758618
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131758613
    • Price:Rs. 499.00
    • Pages:280
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Available

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    Greater self-employment or entrepreneurship can put India on the road to rapid economic growth. With this idea as its underlying theme, this book examines what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and explores the possibility of India emerging as an entrepreneurial nation. In the process, it delves into the history of entrepreneurship, examines the qualities required for it, presents the stories and experiences of many Indian inventors and entrepreneurs, and looks at opportunities that India can use to promote entrepreneurship.

    The author suggests that successful entrepreneurs are not people born with extraordinary qualities; they are people who are driven by an irresistible desire to convert their dreams into reality. He gives examples in this book that show how ordinary people, some even from modest backgrounds, have been able to achieve big successes through their vision, innovative ideas and the will to achieve.

    Stories of accomplishments of several inventors and entrepreneurs of all times and diverse backgrounds, complete with facts and figures, make the book interesting for general readers and of special value to young professionals as well as management students.

    Table of Content

    Foreword by S. N. Sridhar

    1. A Nation of Shopkeepers
    2. Man and Creativity
    3. The Face of the Inventor
    4. Invention and Innovation
    5. The Adventurers
    6. The Passion to Win
    7. The Defenders and the Explorers
    8. The Survivors
    9. The Indian Diaspora
    10. The Age of Continuity
    11. The Goal

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