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Trading World of the Indian Ocean,1500-1800

Trading World of the Indian Ocean,1500-1800

  • Om Prakash
  • D. P. Chattopadhyaya
  • Author: Om Prakash
    • ISBN:9788131732236
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131732231
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    • Pages:720
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Hardback
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    The Trading World of the Indian Ocean, 1500—1800 is a comprehensive examination of the development of the maritime trade routes that ultimately placed India firmly at the forefront of the international commodity market. This collection of essays demonstrates how India changed dramatically over such a short period of time from an isolated society to a battleground for the expansionist ambitions of European colonial powers. It also outlines the more organic growth of trade routes connecting India with its geographical neighbours, such as China, Indonesia and the east coast of Africa.

    The essays offer a wide. array of perspectives on this seminal era in Indian history, covering not just the economic and historical implications but also the social, cultural and political effects engendered by the opening up of the Indian Coastline to external influences. Individually, each essay can be taken as a micro-study of one aspect of trade in the Indian Ocean and the volume as a whole provides a panoptic portrayal of the momentous and far-reaching changes to Indian society as a result of the growth of marine interest in the region.

    The book is divided into nine sections, which focus on the situation along the Indian coast before European influence; the arrival of the Portuguese; the countries and continents that also border the Indian Ocean; the influence of the Armenians; Asian shipbuilding methods; and the hardships of life at sea. Drawing from empirical case studies based on primary archival research and broad surveys, these essays open up the pre-colonial period for further scrutiny and setup a conversation with existing debates on issues such as the impact of early colonialism and the Indian economy. The rich discourse on the trading networks in the Indian Ocean region make this volume invaluable for students and scholars of Asian history, economics, sociology and culture studies, as well as for general readers interested in intercultural exchanges and overseas trade.

    Table of Content

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction Part I: The Indian Ocean Before Europe
    • Merchants, Merchandise and Merchantmen in the Western Seaboard of India: A Maritime Profile (c. 500 bce–1500 ce) — Ranabir Chakravarti
    • Trade and Politics in Eleventh-Century Bay of Bengal — Hermann Kulke
    Part II: Forging Early Connections: The Portuguese in the Indian Ocean Trade
    • Initiating ‘India to India’ Trade: Portuguese Southeast Africa in the Indian Ocean Trade, 1500–1800 — Kartikeya Kohli
    • The Portuguese and the Dynamics of Intra-Asian Trade, 1500–1663 — Pius Malekandathil
    Part III: The Western Indian Seaboard and the Indian Ocean System in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
    • The Trading World of Indian Ocean Merchants in Pre-Colonial Gujarat, 1600–1750 — Ghulam A. Nadri
    • Sailing in Hazardous Waters: Maritime Merchants of Gujarat in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century — Ghulam A. Nadri
    • Reaping the Risks of Transition: Merchants and Trade in Western India, c. 1750–1818 — Lakshmi Subramanian
    Part IV: The Two Littorals of the Bay
    • Ports of Coromandel and Trade in the Bay of Bengal in the Eighteenth Century — Bhaswati Bhattacharya
    • ‘A People that Range into all the Kingdoms of Asia’: The Chulia Trading Network in the Malay World in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries — Barbara Watson Andaya
    Part V: Trade and Commercial Networks in Southeast Asia and the South China Sea
    • Commerce in the Malay Archipelago, 1400–1800 — Radin Fernando
    • The Hokkien Merchants in the South China Sea, 1500–1800 — James K. Chin
    • The Ryukyu Network in the Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries — Roderich Ptak
    Part VI: European Enterprise and Asian Partners
    • European Private Trade in the Indian Ocean, 1500–1800 — Søren Mentz
    • At the Edges of the Estado da Índia: The Black Portuguese in the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries — Leonard Y. Andaya
    Part VII: Networks of Trust and Regimes of Circulation: The Armenians in the Indian Ocean
    • Armenian Merchant Networks in the Indian Ocean, 1500-1800 — Bhaswati Bhattacharya
    • The Armenian Diaspora in the Indian Ocean — Søren Mentz
    Part VIII: Asian Ship-building Traditions
    • Asian Ship-Building Traditions in the Indian Ocean At the Dawn of European Expansion — Pierre-Yves Manguin
    Part IX: Life at Sea
    • Life at Sea — Michael Pearson
    • Religion and the Sea — Michael Pearson
  • Salient Features

    • Contributory essays from scholars on all aspects of trading in the Indian Ocean.
    • Views guided by history, politics and Economics of the region which guide interactions and policy-making in the contemporary world as well.