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Animal Nutrition, 6/e

Animal Nutrition,  6/e

  • Peter McDonald
  • Dr R. Edwards
  • Dr C A Morgan
  • Professor J F D Greenhalgh
  • Author: Peter McDonald
    • ISBN:9788131717608
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131717607
    • Price:Rs. 1240.00
    • Pages:708
    • Imprint:Pearson Education
    • Binding:Paperback
    • Status:Not Available


    The latest edition of this classic text, now in a larger format with improved artwork, continues to provide a clear and comprehensive introduction to the science and practice of animal nutrition.

    Table of Content

    1. The animal and its food
    2. Carbohydrates
    3. Lipids
    4. Proteins, nucleic acids and other nitrogenous compounds
    5. Vitamins
    6. Minerals
    7. Enzymes
    8. Digestion
    9. Metabolism
    10. Evaluation of foods (A) Digestibility
    11. Evaluation of foods (B) Energy content of foods and the partition of food within the animal
    12. Evaluation of foods (C) Systems for expressing the energy value of foods
    13. Evaluation of foods (D) Protein
    14. Feeding standards for maintenance and growth
    15. Feeding standards for reproduction
    16. Lactation
    17. Voluntary intake of food
    18. Animal nutrition and the consumers of animal products
    19. Grass and forage crops
    20. Silage
    21. Hay, artificially dried forages straws and chaff
    22. Roots, tubers and related by-products
    23. Cereal grains and cereal by-products
    24. Protein concentrates
    25. Food additives

    Salient Features

    • New chapter on Animal Nutrition and the Consumers of Animal Products addressing contemporary concerns for safety in human diets.
    • New chapter on Feed Additives.
    • Major revisions of chapters on food analysis, lipids, metabolism, energy systems and protein evaluation.
    • Now includes comments on the nutrition of the horse and feeding standards for this species.
    • New chapter summaries and problems and solutions to aid student learning.
    • Updated suggestions for further reading.