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Multirate Signal Processing for Communication Systems

Multirate Signal Processing for Communication Systems

  • Fredric J. Harris
  • Author: Fredric J. Harris
    • ISBN:9788131715970
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131715973
    • Price:Rs. 749.00
    • Pages:492
    • Imprint:PH PTR
    • Binding:Paperback
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    This book provides the communications engineer involved in the physical layer of communications systems, the signal processing techniques and design tools needed to develop efficient algorithms for the design of various systems. These systems include satellite modems, cable modems, wire-line modems, cell-phones, various radios, multi-channel receivers, audio encoders, surveillance receivers, laboratory instruments, and various sonar and radar systems. The emphasis woven through the book material is that of intuitive understanding obtained by the liberal use of figures and examples. The book contains examples of all these types of systems. The book also will contain MATLAB script files that implement the examples as well as design tools for filters similar to the examples.

    Table of Content

    1. Why Multirate Filters?
    2. The Resampling Process.
    3. Digital Filters.
    4. Useful Classes of Filters.
    5. Systems That Use Resampling Filters.
    6. Polyphase FIR Filters.
    7. Resampling Filters.
    8. Half-band Filters.
    9. Polyphase Channelizers.
    10. Recursive Polyphase Filters.
    11. Cascade Integrator Comb Filters.
    12. Cascade and Multiple Stage Filter Structures.
    13. Communication Systems Applications.

    Salient Features

    • Provides communication engineers with the signal processing techniques needed to develop efficient algorithms for the design of various systems.
    • Written by an authority in the field with real world industry design experience.
    • Includes MATLAB script files for the demonstrations as well as for the design routines that are included as software to accompany the text.