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  • Lynn E. Foster
  • Author: Lynn E. Foster
    • ISBN:9788131711187
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131711188
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    • Pages:328
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    People want to know more abou t nanotechnology. There is a demand for nanotechnology books that are written for the educated layperson as evidenced by our success with the two books by the Ratners (0131014005 and 0131453076). The focus of this book is how the Nanotechnology industry will

    unfold and impact different industries throughout the world, and who and what will be the drivers of its development. Discussion of Nanotechnology is moving from theories and definitions of Nanotechnology to the practical issues of implementation and adoption in all types of organizations and industries. Nanotechnology cuts across all areas of science and technology; hence, no one individual can provide credibility that he/she knows everything. Therefore this book will have world-class leaders, from Academia, Industry, Venture Capital

    Firms, and Government, contribute chapters outlining their vision of developments, within their area of expertise, over the next 3 - 10 years in product industries such as medical diagnostics or service industries such as Venture Capital.

    Table of Content

    1. Development Drivers
      1. Lessons in Innovation and Commercialization from the Biotechnology Revolution
      2. Nanotechnology and Our Energy Challenge
      3. Fads and Hype in Technology: The Sargasso Sea of "Some Day Soon
    2. The Players
      1. Nanotechnology Commercialization: Transcending Moore's Law with Molecular Electronics and Nanotechnology
      2. Investment in Nanotechnology
      3. The Role of the U.S. Government in Nanoscale Science and Technology
      4. Overview of U.S. Academic Research
      5. Understanding University Technology Transfer for Nanotechnology
      6. Intellectual Property Policy and Impact
      7. Entrepreneurs in the Technological Ecosystem
      8. Major Corporations: Technology, Business, and the Culture of Opportunity
      9. Nanotechnology in Federal Labs
    3. Materials and Industries
      1. Nanoscale Materials
      2. Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors: Possibilities, Realities, and Diverse Applications
      3. Microelectronics
      4. Drug Delivery
      5. Bio-Nano-Information Fusion
    4. Convergence and Integration
      1. Convergence and Integration
      2. Ethical Considerations in the Advance of Nanotechnology
    5. Epilogue
      1. Infinitesimal Machinery
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    • Index

    Salient Features

    Foster takes the reader from a gentle introduction to the next step and explores the impact nanotechnology will have on our daily lives.
    • Tells how the Nanotechnology industry will unfold and impact different industries throughout the world.
    • Answers the question "What now?" and "What can we expect?"
    • Shows how nanoscience may evolve into specific technologies.