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Object Oriented Software Engineering: A Use Case Driven Approach

Object Oriented Software Engineering:   A Use Case Driven Approach

  • Ivar Jacobson
  • Author: Ivar Jacobson
    • ISBN:9788131704080
    • 10 Digit ISBN:8131704084
    • Price:Rs. 885.00
    • Pages:552
    • Imprint:AW Professional
    • Binding:Paperback
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    How can software developers, programmers and managers meet the challenges of the 90s and begin to resolve the software crisis? This book is based on Objectory which is the first commercially available comprehensive object-oriented process for developing large-scale industrial systems. The approach takes a global view of system development and focuses on minimizing the system's life cycle cost. This edition has been completely updated to make it as accessible and complete as possible. New material includes the revised Testing chapter, in which new product developments are discussed.

    Table of Content

    Part I: Introduction
    1. System Development as an Industrial Process
    2. The System Life Cycle
    3. What is Object-Orientation?
    4. Object-Oriented System Development
    5. Object-Oriented Programming
    Part II: Concepts
    1. Architecture
    2. Analysis
    3. Construction
    4. Real-time Specialization
    5. Database Specialization
    6. Components
    7. Testing
    Part III: Applications
    1. Case Study: Warehouse Management System
    2. Case Study: Telecom
    3. Managing Object-Oriented Software Engineering
    4. Object-Oriented Methods
    5. Appendix A: On the Development of

    Salient Features

    • The testing chapter has been restructured and in parts rewritten, also an emphasis on early testing has been added.
    • The discussion of robust object structures has been increased and also an example has been added.
    • The notion of a development case has been introduced as a way to adapt a general process to the specific needs of an organization or a project.