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ISBN Title Author Year Imprint
9788131734858 Cisco LAN Switching Configuration Handbook, 2/e Steve McQuerry 2009 Pearson Education
9789332552340 Linux Firewalls: Enhancing Security with nftables and Beyond, 4/e Steve Suehring 2015 Pearson Education
9788131713082 Design Patterns in Java, 2/e Steven John Metsker 2006 AW Professional
9788131774717 PMP Certification: Excel With Ease, 2/e Subramanian Chandramouli 2013 Pearson Education
9789332573949 PMI Agile Certified Practitioner: Excel with Ease, 3/e Subramanian Chandramouli 2017 Pearson Education
9789332570443 100 MORE Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People Susan Weinschenk 2016 Pearson Education
9789332557345 Oracle Exadata Expert's Handbook Tariq Farooq 2016 Pearson Education
9788177586787 Visual Modeling with Rational Rose 2002 and UML, 3/e Terry Quatrani   2003 AW Professional
9788131714904 Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design Thomas Erl 2006 PH PTR
9788131723098 SOA Principles of Service Design Thomas Erl 2008 PH PTR
9789332523845 SOA with REST: Principles, Patterns & Constraints for Building Enterprise Solutions with REST Thomas Erl 2014 Pearson Education
9789332535923 Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture Thomas Erl 2014 Pearson Education
9789332557307 Cloud Computing Design Patterns Thomas Erl 2016 Pearson Education
9789332515925 Learning JavaScript: A Hands-On Guide to the Fundamentals of Modern JavaScript, Tim Wright 2014 Pearson Education
9789332540224 The Java Virtual Machine Specification,: Java SE 8 Edition Tim Lindholm 2015 Pearson Education
9788194282563 Cisco Digital Network Architecture: Intent-based Networking for the Enterprise Tim Szigeti 2020 Pearson Education
9789353061753 Storage Virtualization: Technologies for Simplifying Data Storage and Management Tom Clark 2018 Pearson Education
9789332539310 The Social Trade Show: Leveraging Social Media and Virtual Events to Connect With Your Customers Traci Browne 2014 Pearson Education
9789332582774 My Excel 2016 Tracy Syrstad 2017 Pearson Education
9789332539440 Create Your Own Blog: 6 Easy Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro, 2/e Tris Hussey 2015 Pearson Education