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Found - 482 Title(s)
ISBN Title Author Year Imprint
9788194282501 Deploying ACI: The complete guide to planning, configuring, and managing Application Centric Infrastructure Frank Dagenhardt 2020 Pearson Education
9788131703120 XML, Web Services and the Data Revolution Frank P. Coyle 2002 AW Professional
9789332535947 The CERT Oracle Secure Coding Standard for Java Fred Long 2014 Pearson Education
9789332535961 Java Coding Guidelines: 75 Recommendations for Reliable and Secure Programs Fred Long 2014 Pearson Education
9788131791356 Xcode 4 Unleashed Fritz Anderson 2012 Pearson Education
9789332578470 Android Concurrency G. Blake Meike 2017 Pearson Education
9789332578500 System Center Configuration Manager Reporting Unleashed Garth Jones 2017 Pearson Education
9788131770566 ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University Gary Rosenzweig 2011 Pearson Education
9788131775172 Core HTML5 Canvas: Graphics, Animation, and Game Development, Geary David 2013 Pearson Education
9788177584363 Writing UNIX Device Drivers George Pajari 1991 AW Professional
9788131728956 MFC Internals: Inside the Microsoft Foundation Class Architecture George Shepherd 2009 Pearson Education
9789332570436 Virtualizing Hadoop George Trujillo 2016 Pearson Education
9789332570368 Dart Programming Language, The Gilad Bracha 2016 Pearson Education
9789332539327 Marketing in the Round: How to Develop an Integrated Marketing Campaign in the Digital Era Gini Dietrich 2014 Pearson Education
9789332552326 Bulletproof Android: Bulletproof Android Godfrey Nolan 2015 Pearson Education
9789332551619 The Unified Modeling Language User Guide Grady Booch 2016 Pearson Education
9788131758144 Absolute Beginner's Guide to Project Management Greg Horine 2009 Que Press
9789332502161 Project Management Absolute Beginner's Guide, Greg Horine 2014 Pearson Education
9789332539570 C Programming Absolute Beginner's Guide Greg Perry 2015 Pearson Education
9788131725085 Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions Gregor Hohpe 2008 Addison Wesley