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Management of Banking and Financial Services, 2/e

Management of Banking and Financial Services,  2/e

  • Padmalatha Suresh
  • Dr Justin Paul
  • Author: Padmalatha Suresh
    • ISBN:9788131730942
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    The dynamic banking and financial services environment in the country calls for prudent decision making under pressure. Management of Banking and Financial Services provides students and practitioners with a thorough understanding of managerial issues in the banking and financial services industry, enabling them to evaluate the overall organisational impact of their decisions.

    The first section of the book focuses on the basic concepts of banking and financial services, and the other sections explain how these concepts are applied in the global banking environment as well as in India. In addition to presenting the big picture of the banking and financial services industry, the book also provides useful tips on the trade-off between risk and return.

    Table of Content

    Part I: Management of Banks
    1. Managing Banking and Financial Services—Current Issues and Future Challenges
    2. Monetary Policy—Implications for Bank Management
    3. Banks’ Financial Statements
    4. Sources of Bank Funds
    5. Uses of Bank Funds—The Lending Function
    6. Banks in India—Credit Delivery and Legal Aspects of Lending
    7. Credit Monitoring, Sickness and Rehabilitation
    8. Managing Credit Risk— An Overview
    9. Managing Credit Risk— Advanced Topics
    10. Uses of Bank Funds—Investments
    11. Capital—Risk, Regulation and Adequacy
    12. Risk Management in Banks
    Part II: Management of financial services
    1. Banking Functions, Retail Banking and Laws in Everyday Banking
    2. Banking System—Services and Innovations
    3. International Banking—Foreign Exchange and Trade Finance
    4. High-Tech Banking—E-Payment Systems and Electronic Banking
    5. Insurance Services
    6. Mutual Funds, Securities Trading, Universal Banking and Credit Rating
    7. Cash Management and Demand Forecasting in ATMs
    8. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Banking Sector
    9. Innovations in Products and Services—Cases of Three Banks
    10. Innovations in Products and Services in Banking—Cases of Public and Private Sector Banks

    Salient Features

    • Examines all of the key aspects of the banking and financial services industry, highlighting both global and Indian applications
    • Includes three new chapters to address contemporary issues, and provides revised and updated material in all the other chapters
    • Explains concepts through case studies on organisations such as Barclays Bank, Corporation Bank, South Indian Bank, and the State Bank of India
    • Includes pedagogical features such as chapter objectives, chapter-end summaries, chapter-end questions, solved problems, illustrations, additional topics for further research, and boxes that present examples and cases
    • Provides numerous Indian examples from companies such as HSBC, ICICI, LIC and GIC